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BLITZ 1/8 GT3 GBS Body with Wing (1,0mm)

The new BLITZ GT3-GBS 1/8 GT body shell was a newly modified version of previous GT3 body. The GT3-GBS modified the height of engine hood and the depth of A-pillar in order to meet the latest IFMAR GBS body rule. The body also modified the front bumper edge. The new bumper now is with more down force. It will result with more steering. The rear wheel arch surface was also extended. It not only increases the strength of the rear end, but also makes the body-shell able to move forward to increase steering. The standard version GT3-GBS body was built from 1.0mm high quality polycarbonate sheet, and the light version was with 0.8mm. Both versions include rear wing, wing screws, decal, and window mask for painting.

Pris 273,00 kr.

BLITZ 1/8 GT4 Body with Wing (1,0mm)

The new BLITZ 1/8th GT Body-shell GT4 is ready now, the new GT4 body is cooperate designed by JJ design with aerodynamic calculated and it is base on the real GT sport car, The body specification follows the IFMAR GT GBS rules and it also improves to have more steering and more overall stability, standard body build from 1.0mm high-quality clear polycarbonate sheet, rear wing set and window mask and decal all included.

Pris 273,00 kr.

SWORKz Velocity 2.0 Body Shell Light Version with Wing

With the help of new technology, SWORKz created an ultra light weight velocity body for the S14-3 buggy. It is more than 40% lighter than the original body shell. The lighter weight body helps make the buggy topple less during high speed corners. The Lighter weight also helps in the S14-3 buggy acceleration.

Pris 217,50 kr.