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REDS Bearing Tool Kit for 3,5CC Engines 14mm

The REDS Engine 14mm Engine Bearing Tool Kit for .21 size engines was developed for nitro racers that want to perform critical maintenance on their nitro engines. The kit includes a puller for 7mm and 14mm bearing removal and a presser for installation. The presser is made from high-quality Hard Coated Spring Steel. The bearing surfaces are ground for high precision bearing installation. The innovative rear bearing puller is made with Hard Coated Spring Steel and aluminum for unsurpassed lifespan and durability. All parts are CNC-machined for ultra-high precision. The lightweight design and compact size, make this tool easy and comfortable to use

Pris 569,00 kr.

SWORKz Tool Bag

The latest SWORKz pro accessoriy is the new looking tool bag. This tool bag unzips to form a convenient RC tool carry. Its rectangle style is the most easy way to fit in any RC trolley. The popular size electric power tools fit inside the bag too.

Pris 235,00 kr.


This is the updated Ultimate Racing Flywheel Remover .12-.21 Pro. By clamping the red anodized aluminum fork behind the flywheel and turning the shaft the flywheel is pulled away from the crankshaft, eliminating the need to use a hammer or other tools to loosen a tightly fitted flywheel.

The shaft is made of high quality spring steel and the rest is red anodized aluminum with the ULTIMATE logo engraved for a factory look.

Pris 199,00 kr.