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SWORKz BB80 Starter Box Evolution

The SWORKz BB80 Starter Box comes with a patented single-point contact motor actuating switch. The SWORKz BB80 has an easy adjustable chassis securing frame. The SWORKz BB80 comes with a patented design. It provides high-efficient power and saves energy. The SWORKz BB80 comes with a large-torque 775 motor for high torque powerful starts. The SWORKz BB80 Starter Box is a square configuration design. It’s simple, stylish and is designed light and strong. It can be powered by 1~4pc 6 cell 7.2V Batteries or one 12V lead-acid Battery (not included). This special starter box design is patented and is very user friendly.

Pris 772,00 kr.


This glow pack will get your engine up and running in no time, as the glow starter is supplied with a mains charger 240v charger, that plugs in the wall and goes. It's that simple.

Pris 119,00 kr.

SWORKz Nitro Fuel Shot

A "MUST HAVE" for every RC Car racer. Mainly Carbon parts. Save time at refueling

Pris 769,00 kr.


This pack contains three different engine caps, one for the carburetor, one for the engine exhaust and one for the fuel inlet. If you store your engines, use these awesome caps to stop dust and other debris from entering your engine!

Pris 28,00 kr.