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Ball bearing 8x16x5 2RS Ceramic

  • The MOB ceramic bearing is designed to provide as little resistance as possible thanks to Si3N4 ceramic balls.
  • For best results lubricate with our bearing oil
  • 1 PCS
  • Bearing 8x16x5mm
Pris 35,00 kr.

Ball bearing 5x10x4 ZZ Ceramic 2 STK

High performance bearing designed to withstand high revolutions and the high temperatures of 1/8 clutches, the components of the material are protected by metal seals which reduces friction and lengthens the service life of the bearing.

Pris 70,00 kr.

Clutch Ball bearing 5x10x4 ZZ Premium 2 STK

  • 5x10x4ZZ MR105 PREMIUM bearing, following our line of rear motor bearings, we reduce this technology to offer a high quality bearing for 1/8 scale clutches, including a polyurethane crown that supports the high revolutions and high temperatures of the clutches
  • Metal seals.
Pris 30,00 kr.