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Clutch Ball bearing 5x10x4 ZZ Premium 2 STK

  • 5x10x4ZZ MR105 PREMIUM bearing, following our line of rear motor bearings, we reduce this technology to offer a high quality bearing for 1/8 scale clutches, including a polyurethane crown that supports the high revolutions and high temperatures of the clutches
  • Metal seals.
Pris 30,00 kr.

RC Project Clutch Retainer Allen Screw in Titanium Grade 5 6Al4V

The Allen Screw is made of Titanium Grade 5 6Al4V cetified by U.S.A derivation.
It has a total length of 8.5mm of which 6mm are of thread and a protrusion from the crankshaft of only 2.5mm in order to eliminate collisions with the tank in case of excessive flexion of the chassis.
The new geometry makes it possible to eliminate any rubbing between the bearing / bell, so as to reduce the operating temperatures of the whole assembly, furthermore the outer diameter protects the bearing from dust and foreign bodies.
Particular attention has been paid to the hexagon which is clearly concentric and precise.
It can be used with any engine and mounted on all 1/8 Buggy models.
The weight is of 0.4g

Pris 109,00 kr.